General Services

WMA offers a wealth of knowledge and success within the realm of sports and entertainment representation. As a boutique agency with a vast network, each and every client receives a comprehensive advisory strategy for all the many facets of their career.

Contract Negotiation

Over the past 10 years WMA has successfully negotiated contracts in over 30 countries around the world, including labor, endorsement, sponsorships, partnership, licensing, purchase and marketing agreements. Our staff has a wealth of combined knowledge and many years of experience covering the intricate details that make the crucial difference in contract negotiating.

Marketing and Brand Development

WMA recognizes that we must offer specialized market strategies for each individual client. We will review, analyze and develop a program identifying the most successful approach to apply.


WMA business consultancy advisors offer a step by step plan, from start to final execution for any and all business projects. We consult on every aspect from building the business plan to negotiations at the closing table.

Legal Services

WMA houses a legal counsel that are incredibly well versed in Sports, Entertainment and Contractual Law. With extensive experience in both domestic and international cases. Having executed marketing, labor, sponsorship and endorsement agreements around the world, we are confident in our expertise and experience.

Post-Career Planning

We have a business partnership with one of the countries top rated financial planning firms, which affords each one of our clients a complete financial plan for their future. they partner to help us advise on estate planning, real-estate investing, financial investing and retirement planning, covering all elements of their financial health.